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Bluejays In Motion by Raptopanthera Bluejays In Motion :iconraptopanthera:Raptopanthera 0 0
A Bag of Dirt
A Bag of Dirt.
A simple question.
Do we own what we think we do?
Surely, we think we own our bed,
our home, our hearth.
Our car and our heart.
But, what do we own.
Is it possible TO own,
anything, for well, who has a dollar,
a dime, even a penny.
Do you own it? Do you?
You think you do.
But what happens when someone
trades you a trinket for it?
Do you own that now?
Is it really yours?
Let's think bigger,
What about your home, your land,
wait, why your, why your,
Did you make it with your hands?
The land, the home perhaps, but the dirt under it?
If you did, show ME how. Would I then own the idea?
Or merely share it? What happens when She wants her dirt back?
The stuff that is in you, what happens when She wants it back?
The things, the baubles and such around you, are they not as easily taken from you?
If they aren't, how do you keep them? In a box? Shut away for no one to see?
A safe, for no one to touch? What of the things that you can't hide, tuck away,
shut up forever? When She want
:iconraptopanthera:Raptopanthera 0 1
Ghost in the Machine
Ones and zeroes,
Bits of existance,
Bytes of being,
I'm here, you're there.
Ghost in the glass,
Phantom in the box,
Wraith in the window.
Lit up, said you're on,
But, no longer.
Wish you were here.
Silent keys,
eerie feeling,
a yellow smile,
cute and cheery,
belies the tragedy.
Real Hell,
Virtual no more,
Ghost in the glass,
Phantom in the box,
Wraith in the window.
I write words,
No echoes to my call.
I scream.
In vain
No voice on the end.
Fade to black now,
You precede me there,
but to there,
I'll never follow.
:iconraptopanthera:Raptopanthera 0 0
Werewolve's Lament
I am that which makes the shadows wish for a light,
There is a lantern with a moonbeam inside,
It makes such a terrifying gleam. If only to be human for a night,
That I may know a wolf's voice in the darkness,
A full moon is coming, a Fool's moon is near,
I know her silver hair, her majestic might,
O! Timely orb! O! Ghastly body!
:iconraptopanthera:Raptopanthera 0 0
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The Cause - Sketch - Dispute by TrueBlueJay The Cause - Sketch - Dispute :icontruebluejay:TrueBlueJay 2 2 Bioluminescence by Ithildae Bioluminescence :iconithildae:Ithildae 5 2



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